Reposition Identity & Website Redesign

Ariosa Diagnostics is the laboratory that developed the Harmony prenatal test. We were tasked to redesign Ariosa’s website and reposition the focus of the site on their flagship product. I had extra inspiration while working on this project, because I was pregnant when we won the business. It became a passion project, knowing I would be helping educate future parents about a breakthrough option for genetics testing.

At our kick-off meeting, we defined our guiding principles for the project:

  • Place the user at the center
  • Design for multiple audiences and outcomes
  • Design for ease-of-use, cost effectiveness, and scalability
  • Show work early and often

We approached the project by doing a competitive scan, researching how others are positioning themselves in the industry. We also analyzed what was working and not working on their current site, through google analytics. In tangent, we explored ways to communicate a new visual direction and provided moodboards to help our client pick a style that we could move forward with. We then drafted the site’s information architecture and wireframes, while keeping in mind the design direction and analytic findings of their existing site. As we drafted the site, we brainstormed ways page interactions could help with presenting various types of content. Over several weeks, in close collaboration with the client, we designed an award-winning site for Ariosa that put the prime focus on Harmony and successfully spoke to multiple audience types.


Planning the structure of the site


Validating the Structure Against User Stories


Drafting Templates


Website Redesign