Innovative Product Design

Contineo, is a client based out of Hong Kong. Their ask was to design an innovative experience for creating and managing institutional investments. We reimagined the traditional trading platform used by private banks and wealth management firms like, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, etc. Before committing to a full redesign, we provided options for a new framework and design concepts that would improve the overall experience of the application.

Once we decided on a direction, we reconstructed the information architecture and created detailed wireframes that simplified complex flows. Inspirations were leveraged from the parallels of dense data and edgier designs found in media streaming applications. We introduced non-conventional color treatments and a variety of user experience design techniques to break up the monotony, bringing the application to life.

I concepted the UX direction of the entire application and worked with a junior designer, provided mentorship and oversight as he generated wireframes.

Comrade allowed us to really create a new design system that wasn’t based on getting to parity, but on getting us ahead and really setting the standard for everybody else.
— Mark Munoz, Managing Director of Contineo

Reimagining Their Existing Application


Redefining The Information Architecture


Cutting Edge Redesign